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The Galapagos

By Andy Hilton | February 26, 2016

Arrived at dawn into the Galapagos, greeted by humpback whales, turtles and eagle rays.  Sea lions abundant on shore, finches, flycatchers, blue footed booby birds, sharks and puffer fish surrounding the boat.  Wildlife spectacular and beautiful clean beaches and pristine sea.  Visited San Cristobal then Isla Isabela and finally Santa Cruz.  Weather hot and humid, scenery spectacular, entry and customs very strict and likely to become more so due to the popularity of the Islands.  Leaving here 1st or 2nd March for our longest voyage to the Marquesas, over 3000 miles and about 3 weeks at sea.


  • Tony and Penny says:

    FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!! The photos are superb. What a magical place to be. Hope you have fine weather for the next leg. We are following you at every stage. GOOD LUCK. We look forward to the next report.

  • Rory & Susie McGrath says:

    We’re keeping an eye on you!
    It looks pretty impressive so far…good luck with the big step across to The Marquesas..
    And leave something for us to discover next year!
    Amazing stuff!
    have fun!

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