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San Blas and Panama

By Andy Hilton | January 28, 2016

We left Santa Marta Colombia a day late due to high winds and large swell so arrival in San Blas was delayed.  The islands of San Blas are beautiful and some are inhabited by the local Kuna Indians who live a simple life fishing, lying in hammocks and greeting visitors with their handicraft.  They are friendly people and a pleasure to see.  The anchorages near the islands are picture perfect and the beaches are white coral sand.  Our last night in the San Blas was in Salardup before we headed for Linton Island then Shelter Bay in Panama, just at the entrance to the Panama Canal.  We have had our boat inspected for the transit which will begin on Sunday 31st January in the afternoon.

Shelter Bay is surrounded by a protected rainforest and after a short walk today close to the rainforest we were greeted with the sounds of birds and monkeys and we saw many different butterflies, hummingbirds, monkeys, leaf cutter ants, turkey vultures, woodpeckers, toucans and many more birds and flowers.  It was amazing.  The trees were beautiful and the monkeys kept us in their sights as they swung from tree to tree across our path.

The weather is hot and humid so will be looking forward to reaching the Pacific on Monday afternoon for a swim.


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