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By Andy Hilton | August 17, 2016

Arrived in Australia all in one piece from far across the Pacific Ocean and it was rather a shock to be in a normal ‘western style’ world again after such a long time.  Clean showers, no cockroaches and an overwhelming amount of food in the supermarket to choose from.  Great to be here though and enjoying the lifestyle in full.  After a few days in Mackay we sailed to the Whitsunday Islands which is part of a large protected area under ‘Australian National Parks’, it is managed brilliantly allowing visitors to explore safely and enjoy the beauty of the environment without interfering with nature.  The wildlife is amazing and the plants and trees which form the rainforests are huge.  We ventured further out towards the Barrier Reef where we anchored in a small atoll surrounded by coral heads teeming with life.  It was great to be able to sail to the reefs and enjoy them without any commercial activity going on around us.  On the way we saw humpback whales with their young and large yellow sea snakes.  On the mainland we were warned not to swim near creeks and rivers because of crocodiles, but offshore it is safe, apart from the sharks, deadly sea snakes and lethal stinging jellyfish.  Just about everything here is out to eat humans or kill them for fun. We still have 7 crew so no losses yet.

We then sailed to Bowen on the mainland where the film ‘Australia’ was made, stocked up the cupboards again and sailed to Magnetic Island just of the coast of Townsville.  A couple of days later headed for Cairns to stock up again and have some time ashore.

Off to Darwin 19th August which is over 1000 miles from Cairns so we have a long way to go.  Food will be rationed!!


  • tim and ann says:

    hi everyone glad to here you are in Australia . you are all having a amazing trip of a lifetime, We like the fact you have seen so many animals and experience different cultures. love from Ann and Timxxxx

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